November 7, 2008

CNN's holograms not really holograms

CNN made waves on Tuesday night by incorporating three-dimensional holograms into its coverage of the U.S. election. The only problem was, they weren't really holograms.
National Post graphic artist Andrew Barr lays out CNN's trickery:

So if it wasn't a hologram, what was it, then? Over on the Ceeb site, a Dalhousie theoretical physics professor (fancy!) explains that what we were actually seeing was something called a "tomogram":
he CNN anchors were not really speaking to three-dimensional projected images, but rather empty space, Kreuzer said. The images were simply added to what viewers saw on their screens at home, in much the same way computer-generated special effects are added to movies.

Kreuzer said the images were tomograms, which are images that are captured from all sides, reconstructed by computers, then displayed on screen.

Holograms, on the other hand, are projected into space.

Tomograms, you say? That's a new one to us. Wikipedia, ho!
Tomography is imaging by sections or sectioning. A device used in tomography is called a tomograph, while the image produced is a tomogram. The method is used in medicine, archaeology, biology, geophysics, oceanography, materials science, astrophysics and other sciences. In most cases it is based on the mathematical procedure called tomographic reconstruction. The word was derived from the Greek word tomos which means "a section", "a slice" or "a cutting". A tomography of several sections of the body is known as a polytomography.


More modern variations of tomography involve gathering projection data from multiple directions and feeding the data into a tomographic reconstruction software algorithm processed by a computer. Different types of signal acquisition can be used in similar calculation algorithms in order to create a tomographic image.

And that, dear readers, is how CNN managed to spend untold thousands of dollars having appear on their Manhattan soundstage — without him actually being there! Even though he very easily could have been. At far less expense.

Source :- CBC NewsNational Post 

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