June 1, 2009

Auto-Login to Facebook with your Google,Yahoo or Myspace account...

The First thing I do when i get online is Login to my Google Account and open my iGoogle page and then Gmail and orkut, Recently Facebook entered my list of daily necessary websites but for that i had to login separately to facebook but not anymore...

You can now Link your Google or yahoo accounts w,google,yahoo,login,ith your facebook account so if you are logged into any of Google or Yahoo accounts you don't need to loging separately to Facebook. Just open facebook and you'll be auto logged in...

So now i can just open my iGoogle page in one tab followed by Gmail in another and then Orkut and facebook in other two tabs by logging in just once!!!

To do this :-

Just go to Facebook.com > Settings > account settings > Linked accounts and click on change and Add your Google or yahoo or any other account from the drop down menu.

Facebook lets you link only one account per web service so choose the ID that you use most frequently on the web.

[Via:- Digital Inspiration]

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