June 26, 2009

Now this is what we call, the revolt against the King!!

YouTube blog entry by a YouTube manager announcing the roll-out of a new channel design has so far received 49,644 comments, and growing. Looks like not everyone is happy (and it may or may not be that unhappy users are more vocal, too, right now). Included in the most recent comments right now are things like:

  • “i think u should ask the viewers before u make your choice. please do that ... =]”

  • “support this video against the mandatory changes - http://www.youtube.com/wat...”

  • “Please allow the choice of both old and new channel designs.”

... as well as full blown ASCII protest art.

[’Old Channel Rules’ written with @’s]

Here's a video that describes all the cool {as per youtube} features of  the new layout!!

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