November 16, 2009

Cheaper Google Storage - Backup all your Awesome moments on Picasa

Google updated the pricing for the additional storage you can buy in Gmail and Picasa Web Albums: $0.25 per GB per year.

Price (per year)
20 GB$5
80 GB$20
200 GB$50
400 GB$100
1 TB$256
2 TB$512
4 TB$1024
8 TB$2048
16 TB$4096

Here's some historical data:

Pricing (August 2007)

Price (per year)
6 GB$20
25 GB$75
100 GB$250
250 GB$500

Pricing (January 2009)

Price (per year)
10 GB$20
40 GB$75
150 GB$250
400 GB$500

Google says that the storage is shared between Gmail and Picasa Web Albums, but it's obvious that the additional storage will mostly be used in Google Docs, when the service morphs into Google Drive.

"While storage costs have been dropping naturally, we've also been working hard to improve our infrastructure to reduce costs even further. Today, we're dramatically lowering our prices to make extra storage more affordable. You can now buy 20 GB for only $5 a year, twice as much storage for a quarter of the old price, and enough space for more than 10,000 full resolution pictures taken with a five megapixel camera,"explains Google.

If you've already purchased Google storage, there's a good news: "Your total storage will be increased according to this page at no extra cost. For example, if you had previously purchased 10 GB of Google storage, you now have 80 GB available."

Wooo Hoooo i am definitely going for 20GB after all whats Rs. 250/-  if i can keep a back of all my valuable moments  on Picasa and that too in one single account...

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