May 7, 2010

Nokia-Microsoft partnership bears first fruit: Communicator Mobile comes to E52 and E72

Last time we used "Nokia" and "Communicator" in the same sentence, we were talking about a giant QWERTY clamshell with roots dating back to the mid '90s -- but yeah, that's most definitely not what looking at here. Instead, we're seeing the first results of Nokia's newfound friendship with Microsoft, a build of Communicator Mobile that's all set up to run on the S60-based E52 and E72. Granted, an enterprise instant messaging utility isn't something we can all use, but that's just as well since it's limited to just two devices in Nokia's range at the moment; eventually, it'll be preinstalled on "select" devices and be available to a broader selection of phones already in the lineup.


~TECH-BYTES~ says:- well guys when i started using office communicator in my office i thought it would be great to have it on my brand new E-72 , searched the internet and finally after a few failed installations manged to get a decent java based communicator mobile version working, but it had some problems with notifications and some other bugs as well!

Yesterday night when i downloaded the communicator update i never imagined that it'll be such an awesome change and that its in itself an all together separate app and is no where related to my previous installation!! and it just integrates so beautifully that i stay online 24*7 but you can be online on either your system or mobile!!

The only problem - it adds 'mobile' to your status message , so your boss gets to know that you are online through mobile LOL!!!

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