August 26, 2010

Jargon Buster - WAP, WAP2, HTTP, HTML, GPRS

1. GPRS is a method of connecting to your provider while WAP is the protocol that runs on top of GPRS { You can think of WAP as a toned down version of HTML while GPRS is a toned down version of dial-up.

2. WAP is suited for GPRS only connections

3. There are also other services that use GPRS aside from WAP

4. WAP can also be used on EDGE and even on 3G connections

5. Most of the more recent mobile phones can now support full HTML browsing, this gives an indication that WAP would soon be obsolete.


In WAP 2 the TCP stack and HTTP protocol were added in the implementation. The WAP gateway may still be used and this is the default configuration for many browsers and preferred by many mobile operators.
The browser, anyway, is able to manage the entire communication with the remote server, so the WAP gateway is not required anymore.

If the browser allows it, users may change their settings and avoid going through the WAP gateway.
Many operators enforce the use of the WAP gateway providing special rates when using it, for example, accessing the operator portal forfree, but only while using their WAP gateway.

Need for SMSC in Mobile Internet world? {WAP PUSH}

WAP Push has been incorporated into the specification to allow WAP content to be pushed to the mobile handset with minimum user intervention. A WAP Push is basically a specially encoded message which includes a link to a WAP address.

WAP Push is specified on top of WDP; as such, it can be delivered over any WDP-supported bearer, such as GPRS or SMS

On receiving a WAP Push, a WAP 1.2 or later enabled handset will automatically give the user the option to access the WAP content.

WAP protocol suite


| Wireless Application Environment (WAE)   |

+------------------------------------------+  \

| Wireless Session Protocol (WSP)          |   |

+------------------------------------------+   |

| Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP)      |   |        WAP

+------------------------------------------+   |                  protocol

| Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) |   |   suite

+------------------------------------------+   |

| Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP)         |   |

+------------------------------------------+  /

|     *** Any Wireless Data Network ***    |



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