October 25, 2006

AOL set to make an Indian debut

MUMBAI: One of the biggest online company in the US, AOL (formerly known as America Online), is set to enter the Indian market on November 15, sources said.

With $8 billion in revenues for the year 2005, AOL is one of the late entrants in the Indian cyber scene. Though, the company has customer service and customer analysis center in Bangalore, there was never a focus for the Indian market.

It could be due to the fact, that AOL had a subscription based revenue model till date. AOL recently launched a free service on September 12. With a downturn in its fortunes, making a foray into newer territories makes a good strategy.

"The Indian venture will take on the domestic biggies like Rediff, Indiatimes, and other international players like MSN and Yahoo. It will be a advertising-based revenue model," the source said on condition of anonymity.

for more:- http://www.ciol.com/content/news/2006/106102404.asp

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