October 19, 2006

Yahoo! Launches Indichat Plug-in

Yahoo! India has launched the Indichat plug-in that enables users to chat in Hindi and Tamil without a special language keyboard. All users need to do is load the Side Panel plug-in, and start chatting in Hindi and Tamil.

Yahoo! India also offers other plug-ins, which facilitate chat in other Indian languages like Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Malayalam. A user with any language keyboard can chat on Yahoo Messenger 8.0 in that language.

According to company sources, the plug-in feature will revolutionize user experience on Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 by enabling music, finance, games, answers, and many more features in their messenger window. It will take Yahoo! Messenger beyond just a device for chatting, making it a daily essential service for net users.

for more:- http://gallery.yahoo.com/apps/2047

links:- http://gallery.yahoo.com/messenger
more specifically:- http://gallery.yahoo.com/apps/2047

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