June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 is here...


Firefox 3 is finally live,after all those beta's and RC's Mozilla released its most awaited or should i say "The best firefox yet" Firefox 3.

Although firefox download day was to start at 10:30PM (IST) but it started at 11:45PM and mozilla blog reported -
The outpouring of interest and enthusiasm around Firefox 3 has been overwhelming (literally!).  Our servers are currently feeling the burn and should be back to normal shortly.  Download day will officially commence once the site goes live.  The 24 hours period will be clocked from that moment.

Some of the tweets that i posted right from 10:30PM till i managed to download it  goes like this :-

@10:28PM - its firefox download day,visit getfirefox.com download and help firefox make a world record.
@10:30PM - firefox site down
@10:35PM - let me in,i want to download
@10:45PM - that not fair am waiting for this time since morning and now site down
@11:00PM - mozilla server down..Download day will officially commence once the site goes live. -mozilla blog
@11:30PM - getfirefox.com changes looks.... displays ff3 bt link still old..
@11:35PM - downloadbutton says firefox 3 free download for windows.. they updated the button bt why does it still says
@11:40PM -
yehhhhh... button changed to ff3 n link also changed... waiting for downloads to start..
@11:50PM -
yessss.... download started....
@11:55PM -
Firefox 3 download complete..yupieeee

Now its your turn download and help firefox make a world record..

Firefox 3

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