June 12, 2008

Firefox 3 To Be Released On June 17th

Mozilla has been announcing Release Candidates for Firefox 3 consistently for the past month. In fact, Firefox 3 RC 3 was just released earlier today. One could guess that the time for an official release was right around the corner, but we wouldn't have guessed it'd be this soon. Only hours after RC3, and after 34 months of development, the company has announced that Firefox 3 will be officially released next Tuesday, June 17th.


What To Expect

If you haven't given any of the Firefox 3 RC's a shot, I can personally tell you that it's fast! Stability and performance has been consistently better than Firefox 2 with each RC. Memory usage has been down significantly over long periods of time compared to Firefox 2 where memory continued to rise with prolonged use. Features and fixes for Firefox 3 include:

  • Updated address bar with integrated bookmarking functionality

  • Standard themes that are consistent with the native UI of your Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Revamped bookmark manager

  • New Icons

  • One-click site information

  • Secure add-on updates

  • Vista Parental Controls

  • Revamped password management

  • Full page zoom

  • Scrolling Tabs

  • One-click bookmarking

  • Tags for bookmarks

  • tons more!


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