June 12, 2008

Spice unveils handset for Rs 600

Spice Telecom has launched a combo offer of a slim 75-gram handset with a Spice connection at just Rs 599 in Punjab, targeting the rural market.The company offers both Spice prepaid and post-paid connections, and a three-year warranty for the handset.

The prepaid connection offers one-year validity with zero rental along with a call rate of 50 paise.

In post-paid connection, the customer has to pay a monthly fixed charge of Rs 35. Call rates will be 10 paise per minute for Spice-to-Spice local and 75 paise per minute to any other local number.

"We can aptly call this 'sabka mobile' (everybody's mobile). It is cost-effective and easy to use and especially made for rural population. This combo offer gives economically weaker people a chance to go mobile at an affordable price," Spice Telecom chief operating officer Subodh Srivastava said.

"We are targeting rural Punjab with this combo offer. 'Sabka mobile' will certainly enhance our penetration in Punjab.


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