May 10, 2007

Reliance to Launch Social Networking Website

Reliance ADA group, the company behind casual gaming portal, have launched a social networking website,, in the alpha stage. Currently, the website is accessible to internet users only via invitation, since it is in the testing phase and the company is looking for user feedback for creating and modifying features. According to representatives, the website is expected to be out in the beta stage by the end of May 2007.

Representatives say the website will have a web 2.0 format with features such as blogs, forums, video support and communities, tailored for the Indian youth. The website doubles up as a video sharing site, with a dedicated section for users' videos, in categories ranging across Bollywood, animations, short films, travel and DIY , among others. The site also features regional videos in Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Bhoijpuri and others. Communities range from politics to entertainment and users have the ability to create their own public or private community, called 'adda'.

Besides these features, the website has an internal search engine blogs and forums while the team is encouraging its current selected users to contribute with their ideas for further development.

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