May 14, 2007

Sony Launches Social Network, Vaio Nation

Sony has launched a social networking website with an emphasis on film and music. Users of the new Viao Nation website will be able to create individual pages and blogs, with their own films or music, which can then be voted on by other members of the community.

Representatives say Vaio Nation is a free online community, designed to showcase the brightest talent in film and music, across the world. The website states, "Vaio nation helps users Connect directly with each other, through blogs. The most popular clips will be featured in the 'Vaio Nation Charts' (HYPE), providing a real opportunity for anyone to get noticed. Here users will also find the best tunes and videos that Vaio Nation has to offer."

The website will also have news, reviews and comments about the content, from Sony’s in-house writers and critics. Several artists, including Norman Jay MBE and Bafta-winning film director Daniel Mulloy are already involved with Vaio Nation, from the world of Film and Music.

Later in the year Sony will be adding sections on fashion and design as well.

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