July 10, 2008

Apple iphone 3g is a hell in india than any!

i just read this really intresting post about iphone 3G and India... Didn't got the chance to verify anything written in this post as i was eagerly waiting for 11th july - the release of iphone 3G and was really planning to buy one but after reading this post i think i really need to think again go through this,its quite intresting :-

I just got a gmail on apple iphone3g worst features in india and i just stunned with it and looked at them then i released that iphone is worst than any.

So here is the mail:

Those of you in India planning for iPhone…Think Twice Before Making a decision…The short commings of iphone are endless..

No video calling, no AD2P on the Bluetooth, can’t share any(mp3, images, videos…) files via bluetooth, can’t use as a wireless modem, (you pay ridiculous data charges to activate internet on your phone, but cannot connect it to your PC and browse when you are at home)

All even the smallest copy and paste,(cannot copy a part of a.. say… email & send it..have to type it out yourself)

No 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera,(the 2MP camera it carries is worst camera i’ve ever seen.. photos look like they have come out of a VGA camera)

No video recording with camera, no front camera, no flash.

No JAVA support

No physical keyboard (BELIEVE me! this alone is a dealbreaker…touch keyboard as good as it looks…once you use it then only you come to know about the importance of having a hard keypad)

No 3G network yet in India..so why pay for expensive 3G phone if you cant use its 3G services … so, for India, iPhone 2.0 is no better than its first version

No removable battery. (You cannot change battery. Have to send it to apple outlet.. Come on now!!!!…This is not an iPod. Its a bloody phone. You cannot live without phone for 2-3 days)

No haptic feedback and cannot send MMS, an’t use as external storage device (16 GB of utter waste..next time you go to your friend’s house & find some interesting songs, movies, etc…sorry you cannot connect your ‘16 GB’ phone and share it!!!! Apple apparently has a solution.. ” BUY MUSIC & MOVIES FROM iTUNES STORE “….. Give me a break will you APPLE!!!)

no FM radio, can’t use your mp3 files as ringtones,(This is heights man!!!)

cannot insert any other SIM card….

completely tied to iTunes… Connect to your friend’s iTunes & you risk erasing everything on your phone.

list goes on & on & on….


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Aditya said...

Stereo Bluetooth will be supported. The hardware is there. It has to be enabled.

The data plan costs the same irrespective of the device.

Sharing mp3s and movies is illegal. In any case there are apps that enable your iPhone to be a wireless flash drive.

You want video calling but no data plan. What sense does that make?

There is a successful proof of concept for copy and paste. Besides, how many phones support this?

If windows mobile phones are tied to activesync, why can't iPhone be tied to iTunes?

Granted the camera can be of better quality.

Why care about mms when u can send email?

By chaneling everything through iTunes, apple is ensuring integrity and security.

No doubt there is room for improvement, but tell me which phone has it all?

Finally, you have got to be FREAKING KIDDING by calling the iPhone a stone age device.

And FYI, Apple must be doing something right. They are now worth more than Google.