July 8, 2008

How to Make FREE International Calls to Any Phone from Google Talk!

Exciting News!

Google Talk users can now make free international phone calls!


  • Always Free

  • No Credit Cards

  • No Registration

  • No Conditions

  • Unlimited

  • No Sign-up

  • Call to any phone, landline or mobile

  • More than 30 countries supported

How it Works


Adding phone numbers to your Google Talk contact list


1)     To start, launch Google Talk on your desktop


2)     Add contacts the same way you usually do: click on the Add button to add a friend



3)     Type in the phone number of the person you want to call in the following format.

Use full phone number, including country code and area code:




Example: for UK, use 442071234567@talkster.gtalk2voip.com or for USA , use 12125551212@talkster.gtalk2voip.com


(Note: be sure to check the list of Talkster's supported countries to check if the friend you want to call is in one of the available countries)


4)     You'll get a confirmation from Talkster with instructions.

We assign a local Talkster number for your friend in their country. Your friends will use Talkster phone numbers to call-in to be connected with you.



5)     If you are calling your friend on a mobile phone, he will receive an SMS with his Talkster call-in number for you. Otherwise, let him know the Talkster number by IM or email.



Make calls from your Google Talk


1)     Click on your friend's number in your Google Talk Contact List


2)     Click on the Call button to start the call with your friend


3)     Talkster will dial out to your friend from Google Talk


4)     When your friend answers, you will have 10 seconds to check to see if he's available to talk. Tell him to hang up and call right back, using his local Talkster phone number for you.


5)     You wait while your friend hangs up and calls back using his local number for you. (If he doesn't know his number, send it to him by email or IM.)


6)     As soon as your friend calls in, we connect you and you can talk as long as you want for FREE.


7)     When you're done, you just end the call!


8)     Tell your friend to save his Talkster call-in number in his phone so he can use it whenever you want to call him from Google Talk.


You can call as often as you like and talk as long as you like. There are no catches, no limits, and no conditions!

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