April 18, 2009

Get Orkut scraps on your mobile...

The title sounds familiar right friends?? well yes it is an old feature available for a long time in orkut...

Then why i am posting again because now this service is not limited to a few networks only and also you do not need to send any premium message to start this service...

I don't know when but Google has changed the Mobile configuration page..

To get your scraps as SMS message and that too for free follow the following simple steps...

1> Select settings from the left side bar in your orkut account.

2> In settings select the Mobile tab

It should look like this >


[caption id="attachment_1212" align="aligncenter" width="531" caption="orkut settings page mobile tab"]orkut settings page mobile tab[/caption]

3>  Just change the country to India if its something else {I have just tried this feature for Indian users for rest of countries please try and respond ion comments if there's any difference}

4> enter your 10 digit mobile no and press next (don't add +91 it will get added automatically)

After you press next A yellow colored box will appear like this >


[caption id="attachment_1213" align="aligncenter" width="495" caption="enter verification code"]enter verification code[/caption]

 Wait for the verification message on your mobile, it will arrive shortly.

When you get it just type in the verification code received in the box and press CONFIRM.

That's it!!! done!!! it should now show verified.. and you can adjust the privacy settings for your mobile no. her and press update.

You'll start getting scraps as SMS.

Disclaimer :- I tried it on Vodafone network and was getting scraps on mobile sent by my friends. You wont get notification for the scraps sent by users who are not added in your friend list.

UPDATE - 19/04/09

Don't know why but its not working the way its supposed to, initially when this feature was launched i used to get every single scrap on my mobile at that time there was a monthly limit of 40 sms alerts only.

Now after this change in mobile settings page, out of 5 contacts who scraped me yesterday i got all the scraps onmy mobile sent by only 1 of those 5 contacts... and this new page doesn't mention anything about scraps on mobile but if orkut has discontinued sending scraps on mobile then why I am getting notifiocations for even one of them..

After verification the new page only says :-
Your phone number is now verified. This will help us enable some fun features when you use orkut on your mobile available at m.orkut.com

I visited m.orkut.com on my cell phone but didn't notice any new 'Fun Features'...

UPDATE - 03-05-09

Just found out that i only get scraps from contacts who are outside India on my mobile..

I got scraps from 2 contacts on my mobile, one from USA and the other from Australia...


satz said...

hi frnd, h r u, i want 2 cc orkut scraps in my mobile

Hafila fathima said...

I want 2 get orkut scrap 2 my mobile