April 28, 2009

Now Don't Get Fooled by Value Added Services (VAS)

If you have ever called a new number and been lured into subscribing to unwarranted value added services like caller tunes, copy tunes, etc regulator TRAI has come out to be the protector.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) has directed telecom firms to get written/SMS permission from customers before activation of value-added (VAS) services.

Taking a tough stand on 'accidental activation' of VAS, that many customers have complained about, Trai said all terms and conditions must first be told to consumers before offering the service.

In its latest directive, Trai has said: In case of VAS services like 'Press Star to copy Hello tunes', "explict consent of the consumer is required before activating such services"...

Such consent may be obtained through either fax, email or SMS.


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