April 10, 2009

Indian Govt. wants Google/Yahoo/Microsoft to Host Indian Email accounts ending with .in, servers in India

Globalization is a state of mind – and if you are an Indian with ‘global’ email id (i.e. the ones not ending with .in), you might expect certain changes owing to the recent amendments to the IT Act.
The amendments passed by Parliament require internet behemoths like Google, Rediff and Microsoft — which provide free email services — to set up Indian servers. Not just that, they may also have to provide Indian email accounts for Indian nationals.
Internet users will have email accounts ending with ‘.in’ instead of ‘.com’ – ToI

While this is repercussion of the Mumbai terror attack (terrorists used BlackBerry mobiles and Blackberry refused to part with information critical to the investigation), changing the domain names does not make sense at all.

Infact, many of these companies tend to transfer email accounts (i.e. data) to respective geographical servers – to serve users better (and faster).

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