April 23, 2009

Google's most idiotic tactic to promote Google pack...

Its midnight,A begining of a new day and a new date and for some people its the day to celebrate the begining of a new year with their birthdays and just like any other day when i opened the scrapbook of my friends to wish them happy birthday by sending them a personalized birthday scrap with an image and as soon as i pasted this code 
<a href="http://passionvaibhav.com"><img src=http://www.passionvaibhav.com/images/bday.jpg></a><br><br> [b][gold]A very happy bday n many many happy returns of the day....[/gold]<br> [red][i]Enjoy!!![/i][/red][/b] [:)]

in there scapbook box, to my shock i get this message on top of the scrapbook page :- 


The content you're posting looks like spam, so it's being sent to the recipient's spam folder. Surprised? Keep your computer clean by running an anti-virus program. You can get one with the Google Pack.

It was really a big surprise like the message says, because i never expected Google will start promoting its products by declaring a normal include image code as spam while it is still not able to control the real spam's in our scrapbooks...

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c said...

yeah man.. ..i never though google would become lyk that