February 9, 2008

Microsoft and Nokia in talks over Windows Mobile

We got a preemptive taste of what something like this might feel like with that banged up impostor-phone, the "Nokia" N94i -- but now things are getting real... ish. According to Microsoft's mobile communications business international marketing director (phew) John Starkweather, Redmond is in talks with the folks from Finland about getting Windows Mobile onto Nokia handsets. "They obviously have significant investments in Symbian but there are a lot of places where we have significant synergies and we would love to see the day where those synergies would extend completely with Windows Mobile," said Starkweather, though he couldn't say when or if any agreement will be met. "We work closely with Nokia and we would love to have them go all the way," Starkweather said. "It's something we talk about all the time."


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