February 27, 2008

Web Abuzz with Yahoo! Buzz

There's no stopping Yahoo!, Microsoft bid or no bid. The company has now launched "Yahoo! Buzz", a service whose purpose is to create a hub for user-selected content from across the Web, and rank this content basis the popularity.

This is how it works: any story that reaches Yahoo! Buzz would be based on its Buzz Score; this being the number of times the story has been voted for by users.

There would be "Buzz Up" buttons placed next to articles and other content, which when clicked upon would generate a particular article's Buzz Score. Yahoo! claims more than a hundred key news sites have agreed to position the Yahoo! "Buzz Up" buttons next to their content, including the Wall Street Journal.

The more the number of votes for a story, the more its Buzz Score, and the more it climbs the popularity charts on the Yahoo Buzz page. The story with the maximum number of user-votes would automatically become the most popular "top story". Although, Yahoo! will have the ultimate right to decide which articles stay on its main page.

Meanwhile, the new service is very similar to that being offered by Digg; the only difference being that Digg allows user-votes for user-submitted content, whereas Yahoo! Buzz allows users to vote for content published by pre-approved news publishers. Yahoo!'s service also plans to include popular community-content from sites like Digg and Reddit.

All said, Yahoo! Buzz may not be altogether unique but the company is hoping it will surely create some buzz amongst users and advertisers for one of the Web's most sought after destinations.

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