February 27, 2008

Microsoft IE8 in Private Beta Testing

Microsoft has sent out invitations to select enthusiasts for the first private Beta testing of their upcoming Internet Explorer (IE) 8.

About two weeks back, Mozilla had launched Beta 3 of their Firefox version 3. Seems Microsoft has been under some pressure to come up with their new version as well.

Incidentally, though IE continues to be the most widely-used browser, Firefox has been a strong competitor and has managed to grab a considerable percentage of the market in a comparatively short span of time.

In 2006, both companies had launched new versions of their respective browsers at around the same time. However, users ended up using Firefox 2 more as compared to IE7.

Coming back to the invitations sent out by Microsoft to select Beta testers, they've said they will soon be making their Beta available to the general public for testing and downloads.


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