December 18, 2006

New Indian Bill Seeks to Curb Cyber Crime

The Indian parliament has introduced a bill to amend the Information Technology (IT) Act of 2000, to address the rising cases of cyber crime and data theft online. The bill proposes to amend some of the existing sections and insert new ones in the IT Act, the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act as well as the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The bill, introduced in the Lok sabha, urges the government to provide legal framework for new forms of crimes like video voyeurism, publishing of material containing sexually explicit act in electronic form, e-commerce frauds through impersonation commonly known as Phishing and many other such cyber crimes. Some recommendations of the bill include, replacing the term 'digital signature' with 'electronic signature' to promote alternative technologies for authentication of electronic record.

The IT Act 2000 was enacted to boost the growth of computers and Internet, provide legal recognition to electronic record and e-transactions and prevent computer-based crimes.

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