December 12, 2006

Nintendo under Fire over 'Wiimote'

Seems, the very same feature that earned the Nintendo Wii its accolades is now earning brickbats nonetheless for the gaming console...

The Wii's television remote-shaped, wireless, motion-sensing controller, nicknamed "Wiimote" by fans of Nintendo, and said to add significant value to game play, has now come under scathing fire for its propensity to fly out of gamers' hands - without warning - thanks to a defective wrist strap.

The Wiimote, as it is fondly called, is secured to gamers' hands by means of a Wii strap, which is simply put - a standard loop of cloth attached to the base of the controller by a thin cord.

However, several reports are doing the rounds that this cord tends to break, sending the Wiimote flying out of the gamer's hands, and into consumer electronics and any other object 'in the way' including unsuspecting bystanders.


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