December 20, 2006

Zune Available in India for Rs. 16,000!

Almost one month after the official launch of the Microsoft Zune in the US, you can now pick up your own 30 GB media player from Sound Out in Heera Panna, Mumbai, for a competitive price of Rs. 16,000. In contrast, the 30 GB iPod costs Rs. 13,000. The higher price of the Zune can be justified by a larger screen, FM radio and WiFi for sharing of music, but eventually, we expect the Zune price to level with the iPod's, since both of them cost $249 internationally.
Initial response to the Zune has not been very good; the sales have been very slow, even though some good things have been said about the device, for example its simple and pretty user interface, but people just aren't taking to it as much as Microsoft expected them to.

Now you have the Zune – check it out for yourself!

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