May 28, 2009

Firefox 3.5 RC1 May Arrive in Two Days

Firefox is close to roll out the first release candidate of its upcoming Firefox 3.5 web browser. The company is jumping the version numbering and directly launch Firefox 3.5 after the 3.0 version. Does the pressure come from the recent Chrome 2.0 update?

Mozilla Firefox labs guys are almost there. So close that the Firefox 3.5 RC1 will be available in approximately two days according to Mike Beltzner, development leader on the project. "Right now, the estimate is 48 hours," said Beltzner.

Quite a few issues are being resolved by the Firefox Team and the browser code is being handed to the Quality and Assurance team for testing.

Currently, the most talked about feature in Firefox 3.5 is the multi-process support, which is also found Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. The splitting process of each tab aims to get better stability and performance of the browser, even if one of the tabs stops working or crashes.

Mozilla has been pushing the upgrade to Firefox 3.0 since a while, but its activities have become rapid after the launch of Chrome browser.

All we can say is that Firefox 3.5 RC1 is almost here.


~TECH-BYTES~ says > Bring it on!! Now a days its really very confusing to choose the right browser, Internet explorer was never in picture for me, But in my life based on performance of these browsers i have switched from Opera > Firefox > Minefield > Chrome > Firefox {Again} > Chrome {Back}

Lets See whats the New Firefox has to offer!!!

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