May 14, 2009

Tasks in Google Calendar, a lil something is still missing!!!

It seems like Google is really working hard on its Calendar service by adding features like Orkut Friend's Birthday calender and not one of the most required function Tasks...

Giving details about the feature Gmail blog posted :
Ever since we launched Google Calendar, people in our forum have been pretty vocal about a missing piece -- an integrated task list. "To-do would be tooo-rific," "I really, really, really need to use a to-do list," and my favorite: "I'll join your team to help you get it done!" The rumble turned into a roar a few months ago when we launched Tasks in Gmail Labs. Now we've integrated Tasks into Google Calendar as well.

To get started, open Calendar and click on the "Tasks" link on the left hand side. You'll see the familiar task list you're used to using in Gmail, with some Calendar-specific additions:

  • Tasks that have due dates will automatically appear on your calendar. To create a task with a due date in Calendar, click on an empty space in month view or the all-day section of week view, and be sure select the "Task" option.

  • To attach a due date to an existing task, click the right-arrow from within the task list, and then click on the calendar icon.

  • You can modify a task's due date by dragging it to a different date, just as you would with a regular calendar event.

  • To mark a task completed from within Calendar, just click on the task's checkbox. (Isn't that satisfying, overachievers?)

  • To keep track of due dates before they arrive, there's a nifty new "Sort by due date" feature available in the Actions menu at the bottom of your task list. While sorting by due date, you can reschedule a task by clicking on it in your list, then pressing control and the up or down arrow key.

Isn't it a really nice feature making a task list inside the calendar, seems like they have added the feature where it actually belongs, But there's still something that I desperately want in Goole Calendar,  something i mentioned in my post about orkut Birthday on Google Calender and that is the sms notifications for the events in your orkut friends birthday calender just like the ones you get about the events in your main calendar, as a matter of fact there are no notification settings for this calender and also if you Google Calender gadget activated through Gmail Labs in your Gmail, this calender doesn’t show up there too… so whats the use except that you can just see all the birthdays anytime you want..


Best Hate comment about Google… said...

[...] i posted an entry about the tasks feature in Google calendar and expressed my desire for another feature, I never knew that someone will really read it and will [...]

P@$$iØÑ\/@i(3H@\/ said...

@Apple Tax Hater, Not only i am approving your comment but also posted it as a blog post so that others can read your views..
here's the link:-

Moif said...

but for hosted domain under google for example
the calender tasks is not shown yet, how we can do the same as gmail?