January 2, 2007

The "Happy New Year" Worm

According to reports, VeriSign's iDefense Labs, which is into investigation of cyber threats and alerting users of potential harm, has said that a new worm in emails with the subject "Happy New Year" is doing the rounds globally.

It is said these emails contain different attachments, with a majority of them named as postcard.exe or a zip file with the name postcard.zip. Although all the messages are said to be different, they come under the same "Happy New Year" subject line.
The worm gets installed into the user's computer, once the email is opened and the attachment is downloaded and executed. It installs several malicious code variants including Tibs, Nwar, Banwarum, and Glowa onto the computer, and downloads the required software to send the virus to other email accounts using the affected computer. Currently, it is being spread from 160 e-mail domains.


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